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Prevent Bullying Before It Starts

October is Bullying Awareness Month!
It’s a great time to focus on raising awareness about bullying. More importantly, now is a great time to start or enhance strategies to prevent bullying in your neighborhood schools.

What you can do
Consider any of the following elements of a school-based bullying prevention program:
• Increased supervision of students
• School rules that detect, address, and provide consequences for bullying
• Consistent enforcement of a school-wide anti-bullying policy
• Collaboration with school staff and parents to promote anti-bullying

What is Bullying?
Bullying is a type of youth violence that threatens young people’s well-being.

What is CDC’s Role in Bullying Prevention?
The CDC works to understand and prevent bullying before it starts.

Learn More:
Learn more about how widespread bullying is in the U.S, why some children may be at a higher risk for bullying than others, and the consequences of being a victim of bullying by downloading the recently updated CDC Factsheet on Bullying Prevention, which is available in both English and Spanish.