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Understanding Violence Against Children in Cambodia

To address its history of organized violence, the Cambodian government requested CDC support for a Violence Against Children Survey (VACS) in 2010.

CDC worked with UNICEF and the Cambodian VACS Technical Working Group to guide the response to the VACS, which included:

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Development of a Final Report

In all, the VACS collected data from more than 2,400 youth and young adults across Cambodia—a first for Cambodia and Southeast Asia.

One of the most important findings: less than 5 percent of child victims of violence receive any services.

As a result, UNICEF and the Cambodian government have made developing sufficient services a primary goal of their responses to the survey.

To read or download the entire report, summary, information sheet and other resources, please visit the UNICEF Cambodia Violence Against Children Survey website.