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Utilizing the Essentials for Childhood Framework

CDC designed the Essentials for Childhood Framework to help communities prevent child abuse and neglect.

CDC recently hosted a three-day in-person grantee meeting for funded and unfunded states implementing the Essentials for Childhood Framework. Funded and unfunded states had an opportunity to:

  • connect with one another,
  • share ideas on building and maintaining partnerships, and
  • discuss what’s working and what’s not in their respective communities.

Among those in attendance:

  • funded and unfunded state health departments in Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Utah, and West Virginia,
  • and other invited guests, businesses, and partners included:
    • Casey Family Programs
    • Center for the Study of Social Policy
    • Davey Strategies
    • FSG
    • Health Resources in Action’s Medical Foundation Division
    • Natixis Global Asset Management
    • Pontifex Consulting
    • The Home Depot
    • WellStar Health System

As part of their efforts to implement the Essentials for Childhood Framework, funded and unfunded states are:

  • coordinating and managing existing and new partnerships;
  • working with partners to identify strategies across sectors;
  • identifying, monitoring, and reporting on the strategies implemented by partners;
  • developing processes for partners to improve and refine strategies; and
  • documenting state-level impact of these efforts.

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