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Risk & Protective Factors

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View CDC’s resources to help stop sex trafficking.

Risk Factor

Multiple factors influence youth violence. A young person’s skills and experiences play an important role. So do their relationships with friends and family, and the characteristics of their community.

Risk Factor

Suicide is a complex issue, and our research is helping us better understand it so we can prevent it. Some factors can increase vulnerability to suicidal thoughts or behavior. Other factors in relationships, homes, and communities can help lower the risk. We can stop suicide, before it happens.

Risk Factor

Ongoing research is giving us a better understanding of who is affected by sexual violence and how and why it occurs. Preventing sexual violence before it happens is possible.

Risk Factor

Research gives us a better understanding of how and why intimate partner violence occurs. A range of factors have been identified that can increase the risk for victimization or perpetration.

Risk Factorr

Research is teaching us about conditions that can make children vulnerable to maltreatment. We are also learning more about protective factors to help buffer children from harm. Learn more here.