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Violence Type Information

Dating Matters

Dating violence can happen to any teen at any time, anywhere. Use CDC’s resources to bolster your prevention efforts.

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Statistics and resources you can use in support of the 12th observance of National Stalking Awareness Month.


CDC’s research and community work underscores the importance—and possibility—of preventing youth violence. A new report and action guide provides strategies that can help.

Adverse Childhood Experiences

This infographic highlights how adverse childhood experiences affect our lives and our society—and what we can do to prevent them.


Millions of children and young adults attend schools and universities each year. Preventing violence in these environments is important to promoting learning, safety, and health.


Electronic media, the Internet, cell phones, and chat rooms can provide wonderful opportunities for young people to increase knowledge, express creativity, and build new relationships. But, these same tools can also be used to embarrass, harass, or threaten peers.

Fact Sheet

By raising awareness about suicide, we can work together to stop it---before it happens. Learn more by downloading a valuable fact sheet about suicide here.

Fact Sheet

Preventing sexual violence is possible, and we all can do our part. Download a fact sheet to learn more about sexual violence and how to prevent it.


Unhealthy relationships can start early and have lasting consequences. By understanding conditions that lead to violence in dating relationships and teaching healthy relationship skills, we can stop teen dating violence, before it starts.

Essentials for Childhood Framework

Relationships and environments where children are nurtured and safe help them become healthy and productive adults. Prevention resources, such as Essentials for Childhood, can help communities promote positive environments and relationships.